6 Most Beautiful Chubby Nigerian Girls I Know

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When I mean chubby i dont mean FAT. I mean Someone with A sexy type of Thick Body. With lots of Flesh sha.

I've recently seen girls of all types way back since high school, The Skinny, The Chubby & The Fat. And I've also Differentiated them according to how they look.

I know most people see having Weight as something offensive or bad, But actually there is a kinda big people that look so sexy & Dope.
So ive decided to Compile a list Of Some Beautiful Chubby Girls that ive seen and also spent time with.
NOTE: You Might have seen other chubby good-looking girls on your own, This is my own list. Dont take it personal, its on my own point of view.



dj lambo ilookdope.com

Olawunmi Okeray Also known as DJ lambo is a Female DJ in nigeria currently signed by the Music Giant CHOCOLATE CITY. she is a native of Ogun state. Dj lambo happens to be chubby & beautiful with A nice face and perfect body shape too. ive seen her once in a concert show at port Harcourt Nigeria where she was hired. i didt get to talk to her tho.


alimasunya divine ilookdope.com
(Photo: Alimasunya Divine)

Alimasunya Divine whose nickname is Divy kym is the last Born of Dr & Dr (Mrs) Alimasunya who were my family doctor way back when my dad was still alive.
Her siblings who are much older than her are still beautiful, But the fact that she's got weight at the same time beautiful really trills me.


(Photo: Chidinma Egbule)

i meet chidinma at my final year way back in high school. she was big but wasn't looking that Dope during high school. she turned Hot Immediately After our final exams. She Looks innocent tho But you wont believe what she can say.


gifted ilookdope.com
(Photo: Anthony Gifted)

Gifted is more of a FASHIONISTA. She is a make up artist & a beautiful girl. She didt have much weight when i first meet her tho, but after her High school she went BOOOOOM LOL. Well it wasn't a bad one at all, as you can see she tends to be one of the most beautiful on this list.


ofume sharon ilookdope.com
(Photo: Ofume Sharon)

Sharon got much weight tho, Seems more bigger than the rest LOL. At the same time shes beautiful with a nice body. I know her for about 7 years past now and it seems she's lost more weight than before.


jenny blaze ilookdope.com
(Photo: Oburotha Jennifer)

The last but not the least here is Oburotha Jennifer. This girl was my seat mate back then in high school. She is a beautiful & nice looking girl for real. i couldnt figure this out until the school authority introduced the wearing of track suit on fridays for sport activities. which simply means both girls & boys had to put on pants (Trousers). You know what that means man *wink*.

I know some people here will be like: Haaa Chris na Only Big people Dey that your high school??? LOL....Omor na so i see am oo.

Abeg if you were expecting full photos im Sorry to disappoint you

Abeg drop comments if you feel like.

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