A Safe Method Of Changing Your Eye Colour Without Contact Lence

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Originally, as babies in our mother's womb we all had blue beautiful eyes & sometimes hazel.
but as soon as our eyes get in contact with light rays from day light our eyes changes its colour to what ever suites the climate of that region.

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Most of us in africa have our eyes coloured dark brown or black, little of us get a kinda light brown naturally. this may be due to genetic factors tho. I get so jealous when ever i see My grand mum. she has a kinda ash hazel eye colour. it was so painful that she didt pass it on to us but i noticed my mums own as light brown.
Luckily for me, i took after my mums eye but i just wish i had that of my grand mum tho.

A friend of mine told me about this secret that am about sharing here. this trick made my eyes much more lighter that people started noticing.
With a beautiful brown eyes looking into anyone's eyes is like satan tempting Jesus...Lol.
I see it as a waste of money purchasing Contact lence when you can change your eye colour easily from the comfort of your home materials. People still go as far as undergoing surgery just to alter the colour of their eyes, well thats good for them.

What Is This Secret???

A mixture of pure water and honey can change your eye colour in two weeks. it is a very simple to-do stuff. all you have to do is buy pure honey from the market, get a pure water & mix equal quantity of the pure honey & pure water. Shake this mixture and store it in maybe a finished eye-drop container. Add atleast 3 drops of it to your eyes twice daily.

Does honey change eye color???

Many people are doubting if honey is appropriate in changing the eye color. It is because they don’t use correct procedure and equipment’s. You have to use pure honey and bottled water, it do work. Honey has been used from the past as a natural way of treating the eyes. Therefore it is one way on how to change the eye color.

You are having darker brown eyes and you are planning on how to change your eye color to lighter brown? You can use pure honey and water to change your eye color. you simply take equal proportion of honey and water then you mix before you drop it into the eyes.

You can use lukewarm water, it do work better than cold water. You are required to put two to three drops of a mixture of pure honey with water into each eye twice a day. It can be done early in the morning after you have washed your face and in the evening.
For better results you are required to repeat the procedure for daily for two weeks for better results.

To be honest, when you add honey into your eyes for the first time, you will feel some eye irritation for a short while for the first days. The irritation will disappear as you get used to it. To avoid irritations you can use a hand spray to administer the honey mixture into your eyes then you wipe the one that will have gone into the rest of your face.

Things around you like the color of clothes you are wearing, the color of buildings, face makeups and the general environment do affects the color of your eyes since they are reflected into your eyes. Therefore you have to be keen to notice the changes in the eye color when using the honey treatment. This can be done by observing your eyes keenly in a clear environment.

WARNING: Do not use untrusted honey or contaminated water. be careful of what you put in your eyes. your eyes is very delicate. i am not responsible for any damage due to your going against my advice on pure honey & pure water

I hope this helps

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