REVIEW: The Cheapest, High Quality Soap Ive Ever Used

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Classic white savon soap review, about classic white soap, is classic white safe? Photo: Classic White soap Packs

My Quest For a brighter & Lighter skin started back in high school. Although i regret it tho but all the same i thank God.
Ive used alotta soaps & creams but the cheapest soap I've come across is CLASSIC WHITE SAVON. This soap might not be in use by most people tho because of the believe that what ever is cheap seems to be low in quality, But after using This soap for a month It proved me wrong.
This soap was actually recommended to me by a friend in a saloon, i decided to give it a try. I will be sharing my experience & acknowledgement of this soap bellow:

Classic white as the name implies gave me a Classic & even skin tone. This soap was actually slow tho. But i respect the fact that it contains no mercury or Hydroquinone. It will get you 1 shade lighter in a month depending on your skin type.

CLASSIC WHITE SAVON made in Indonesia is made up of 11 harmless ingredients which includes: Sodium Palmitate, Aque (Water), Cocamidopropyl Betaine, PEG-7m, Parfum, Hexyl Nicotina, Titanium Dioxide, Vitamin C Phosphate, Tyrosine Peptides, Calcium Lactate & Tricholoma Matsutake Extract.

I bought a single pack of this soap lastly at the price of ₦60 here in nigeria, And should be around the range of R4 in south africa & GHC1.1442 in ghana which is about $0.3USD. Well, It all depends on were and how you buy, price may differ.

Use CLASSIC WHITE SAVON twice daily preferably mornings and evenings for a better result. No need for exfoliating as the soap contains twin lightening system that exfoliate your skin & gives it a healthy lighter appearance.

This soap does not last long as much. A bar of it may last for two to three weeks, but may last over a month if not used twice daily. Try keeping it in a soap can or somewhere close to the window so that air can dry it up. if this soap is been soaked for long it wont last up to a week.

well i must say that the manufacturers of this soap are amazing. This soap which is solid has a very cool & soft smell which can travel as far as 4 mitres away from your bathroom. it also gives you a fresh smell after toweling.
A single bar of CLASSIC WHITE SAVON is egg-like in shape and pure white in colour. it has a sealed sachet around it when you bring it out of the pack for the first time which entails its high quality.

i recommend this soap to every one of you looking for a brighter skin. It wont lighten you like a Bleach and wont damage your skin. This soap is %99.99 safe.

This soap is kinda new so i couldnt find it in any online store except those without free shipping. I advise you visit a reputable super market in your location and buy it.
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