The Little Secret Behind The Glowing Skin Of Every Celebrity

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Oh yes, Things are now all okay here. This will be my first ever beauty Tip here on This is not only for the girls, its gonna be for both guys & babes from whatever country.

Victoria Kamani & Lynxx Credit: Victoria Kamani & Lynxx)

We all know who Celebrities are. we are all aware of their unbeatable skin and beauty both on Tv & live performances, They are stylish, dope & classy.
Most of them also Go as far as doing cosmetic surgery just to look more dope & appealing to their fans.

But Guess what? %80 of them make use of this little secret am about to reveal here. Although they do make use of expensive creams & soaps tho, But without this little & common element its all gonna be a waste.

This little secret is the commonly used WATER.
According to chemistry water is a universal solvent. Which simply means it has the capability to dissolve both liquid, solid & gasses instantly without wasting time, This solvent also makes up the air we breath in to stay alive. WATER is essential but as a result of its readily availability, We don't attach much importance or regards to it.


The secret behind those glowing skin you see on Tv is the frequent & plenty consumption of WATER.

lupita nyogo credit: Lupita Nyogo)

HOW ???

They Use water both internally (Drinking) & Externally (Bathing). Water flushes away Dirts from our skin, Makes it healthy and increases the rate of blood flow to the skin. It also helps open up sweat pores which results to the free passage of Air out and into the skin & also the fresh in & out flow of blood through arteries and veins which Makes the skin fresh, Smooth & Radiant. Infact, the skin is supposed to have as much water as possible.
We all know the Climatic condition of Africa, Except for my Goons from South africa which is relatively cool unlike Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya Etc with Hot Weather condition coming all the way from the sahara desert. As a result, the skin gets Dry and Dull. Hence you can get dark and also make top skin surface to die. Lets say %70 of Dark africans today is a result of the harsh weather.

However, Most people makes use of Air Conditioners to ease the wrath of the sun and hence Make their skin fresh and lighter. But does everyone have an Air conditioner? The answer is a big NO.

So am Gonna be giving you a few guidelines on making your skin Glow as shown bellow:

1. Take A Shower At Least Twice Daily: If you really want to make your skin stand out be prepared for alotta work. you have to take your bath at least twice daily. This is the external treatment that water gives to the skin.

And please if you have a Bath tube, just retain the water and soak your self for atleast 30 minutes or an hour. This should be done in the evening as a result of the busy morning.

Or better still, Try bathing in a pool once in a while. The long stay in water will make your skin shine. way back in high school, we had a pool party after our final exams and we played and swum for over 3 hours. Mehhn the next day i couldnt believe my eyes, My skin was glittering like very seriously. Just give it a try.

2. Drink A Whole Lots Of Water: The truth is that, ive got a bottle of water by my side here as i write this article. i drink alotta water nealy every 3 hours. its not necessary to have it cold tho, as far as it is water its gonna do the job.

This alotta water drinking will make you urinate frequently which is normal, so i advice you drink more after work or just before your break or after lectures. it is advised that you take atleast 5 litres of water under 24 hours.
Do this straight up for 2 weeks and you will notice changes.

In Addition to the above, you should also do this along side:

Exfoliate Your Skin: skin exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells from your skin surface thereby exposing the new and fresh skin.
This can be done by Using exfoliating soaps & scrubber. An IDOLE EXFOLIATING LIGHTENING SOAP which i will review soon.

A perfect example of a good body scrubber are those with net-like textures. they remove dead skin faster. scrub gentling to avoid injures on your skin tho.

Avoid Long Exposure Of Skin To The Sun: The SUN can dry you up in few minutes & can slow down this procedure.
Always stay away from the sun or better still wear HATS or FACE CAPS always.

I will be so happy to get your replies here. i love you all!!