The Major Reason why you should buy your wears & Cosmetics online

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Hello My dear readers, hope ure all okay?

well today i will be giving you guys a little advice on why you should buy your dream shoes, bags, creams, soaps, jewelries and other stuffs online.

We all know about inferior Goods in every country. we are aware that every product has an imitation or what nigerians regard as IGBO MADE.
when you go out there to buy something in a super market or shop, You tend to fall a victim of inferior goods as you wont be able to identify which is the real one or the fake one.

My mum fell a victim of this situation. She uses Fair & White body soap, she went to the market and bought a packet of the soap as usual but after sometime the soap started getting her dark instead of maintaining her colour.

she then have to dispose the remaining 2 soaps. This was a loss, regardless of the fact that its not too expensive.
As at that time, we started hearing of KONGA.COM We decided to try it out. we ordered for the soap online and was expecting it. To our supprise it was delivered directly to our door step. we took the soap, signed and they left.

My mum used this soap for the 1st week after it was delivered and to God be the glory it all went well. The soap was %100 real.

i was Amazed, i decided to research on why online stores usually deal on %100 original products. i found out few facts that i will be sharing bellow:

1. Most Of their Goods are imported: a shop like KONGA.COM usually import their goods to their warehouse. im not trying to say that imported Goods are all original tho but majority of them are original. so there is a %80 assurance that the goods they sell are original.

2. They investigate their sellers before dealing with them: KONGA.COM Have sellers who have their own product for sale. these Goods they sell are investigated or properly checked before they list it on their website. this for sure reduces the risk of inferior Goods on their online shop.

3. They dont want to loose customers: Online stores ensure that they never sell inferior Goods because if they do, people will loose confidence in them and run to some other online store or they might keep off from online shopping completely.


Konga is one of the largest online store in africa. They might not touch all round africa tho, but i know they offer services to countries like nigeria, kenya & ghana.

Try them out, trust me you will never regret it.
I wish you all happy dope life.