10 Wardrobe Essentials For Men

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Once you have the right fashion items in your wardrobe, dressing well is easy. We have compiled the ideal men essentials for a versatile cost effective look

1. Chinos:

This goes without saying that this is one of the most important item in a gentleman’s wardrobe. Neutral colours such as khaki, grey navy chinos trousers are best invested in, because they are best paired with most colours. Wear this with a neutral coloured shirt, a blazer or a jacket for a more toned down look.

2 . Shirts:

Wanna get that official yet fresh look? Then pair up crease free bold coloured shirt with a pair of neutral looking pair of chinos. Or go along with the trend and pair a neutral looking shirt with a bold coloured trouser. Never go out without a well ironed shirt. Most guys do this saying to themselves the wrinkle of the shirt “won’t show” because it’s a stripped shirt. Well, News Flash! it does show stripped or not.

3. T-Shirts:

Tees are a most for a well polished look. This undergarments most especially cotton tees are usually worn under a shirt for a good finished look, although they can be worn for a casual look as well when paired with a jean. Buying quality tees are important so as to have them retain their shape after long period of wearing it.

4. Knits:

This is also essential for every man’s wardrobe. Our weather can get cold a times and what better way to layer up that shirt or tee than with a warm knitted wear in form of a sweater or cardigan.

5. Socks:

Wearing socks makes a big difference in any outfit, whether casual or formal. However pairing a bold coloured socks with your formal wear gives you that dashing looking that would make heads turn. When pairing multi-coloured socks try sticking with cool tones and not the overly loud ones.

6. Sneakers:

This is one way to team up that casual attire. Combine them with a pair of khaki pants and t-shirt for that laid back look.

7. Jeans:

However expensive or inexpensive a great pair of jeans is a staple for any man’s wardrobe. This is actually just a staple attire for most men.

8. Blazers:

Blue, Black, White a great looking blazer is a backbone of a closet space. This can be paired up with anything for that formal or informal look. Modern, stylish, traditional you’ve have got all this in a pair of a great coloured blazer.

9. Wristwatch:

A stylish attire is never complete without a good looking watch strapped to the wrist. Buy a sleek and stylish wristwatch that makes a statement all on it’s own.

10. Dress Shoes:

There comes a time when those sneakers will need to take a break. Shop for a sleek design round or printed toe dress shoe to compliment black tie event wear. Great investment when quality is bought.

Tip: When shopping for any of these wardrobe essentials, remember buying clothing items that are of higher quality and a bit on the not so cheap side is way better an buying items of lower quality but are extremely cheap. Setting a good wardrobe foundation is paramount and to be honest not so cheap. Menswear doesn’t go through dramatic and extreme changes like women’s wear, they simply evolve. In other words, what you buy now can last for a long while. So Splurge!

My question is, will you pay more for the best quality or pay less for less quality? Share your comments below.