A Working Way Of Losing Weight Without Starving

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FAT seems to be an offence this days LOL.....although most people like their boo or partner FAT & big tho. But the truth is that the number of those who hate fat seems to be bigger than, hence making it a non-acceptable thing in our society.

Weight gain can be heritage some times, passed through genes from parent to children but weight tends to be acquired mostly by eating food containing much of calories.
In fact, most of us are now addicted to fatty foods.
So Charlie you don't need to starve your self before losing weight, You can still eat enough as you want & Still Burn much of calories in the process.

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(Photo: A Man After Weight Loss)

Here is a list of 17 Snacks that will keep you filled and healthy at the same time make you lose weight:

1. Apple slices.

2. Carrot and avocado dip.

3. Dried fruits chips(with no added sugar).

4. Bananas.

5. Dark chocolate.

6. A hand full of almond nut.

7. Pecans.

8. Peanut butter and crackers or apple slices.

9. Sweet potato fries.

10. Fruit salad.

11. Hand full of berries.

12. Strawberry and banana smoothie.

13. Chunks of watermelon.

14. Greek yoghurt with blueberries.

15. Orange slices.

16. A handful of raisins .

17. A handful of grapes

So Ladies & Gentle Men, You dont have to starve in the name of losing weight, Go ahead, Eat & stay healthy.

Its Ya Boy Chris Konor,
Much Love