Blazers Never Goes Out Of Style!

9:05:00 PM Chris konor 0 Comments

A blazer is a true gentlemanly piece of clothing. It is a wardrobe essential for the guys! It is so versatile.

Whatever occasion; casual or formal, a blazer can be the perfect addition to pull any outfit together. If you are yet to own one or you are planning to buy one, there are some factors you need to consider; Blazers have different styles and different cuts, there’s the double breasted, single breasted,the padded shoulder, and non-padded blazer. The most popular is the standard double-breasted and the two-button blazer.

So for a casual look, the patch pockets and unstructured shoulders (those without pads) are best. And for a work outfit, structured shoulders, double-breasted blazers are perfect.

Then you have to consider the size and fit. It shouldn’t be too tight, neither should it be bogus.

The colors are very important too; standard colors like Gray and Navy are versatile, they’re safe and easy to pull off. Other colors you can go for are brown and tan, these are great for casual looks. You should also note that a suit jacket is very different from a blazer, so don’t even bother trying to compromise!