Eva Complexion Care Soap Review, Activeness & More

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Ive been using several Products these days, Lotions, Creams, soaps, serums & lots more so that i can share my experience with you guys and of course help solve your problems.
Today its gonna be on EVA COMPLEXION CARE SOAP. Am sharing My relevant Experience on this soap so that you too can learn & maybe decide to try it out.

EVA COMPLEXION CARE SOAP Use to be my default soap since 2012. Whenever mum goes to the market back then she always bring home a packet. This soap aint bad at all, its mild & has a very good fragrance. Its just that perfect soap for anyone who needs a radiant & even complexion. Am gonna be sharing my experience in categories bellow:


using EVA COMPLEXION CARE SOAP twice daily wasn't that bad. This is not a lightening soap but it really went well in the moisturising of my skin. This soap is very mild, it kept my skim hydrated all day & i loved it. It forms lather readily which left my skin clean with less effort. I didt get any irritation or something using tho.

EVA COMPLEXION CARE SOAP is not for those that wanna remove acne scars or dark spots. Its for those who need good looking beautiful radiant skin.


If your dream soap is Cheap, beautiful looking, has fine aroma & has high quality then you're definitely dreaming of EVA COMPLEXION CARE SOAP. ive never really come across a pretty cheap - high quality mild soap with such pretty Aroma & shape. This soap has different colours with their different names (Which i dont know). Ive used The Pink, Blue, White & yellow ones. There maybe more out there tho...


No other soap lasts more than EVA COMPLEXION CARE SOAP in my bathroom. If i say Long lasting is an understatement its gonna seem like am exaggerating or something. But trust me guys, this soap lasts pretty long, Although it may depend on the user.


I believe we all know how to take our bath properly. Frequent use of this soap attracts better results so i advice you use EVA COMPLEXION CARE SOAP Twice daily. Note that it wont lighten your skin. it will only bring out your natural beautiful skin.


This soap is pretty cheap tho. i buy a single of this soap here in nigeria for N120 from a super market up town. Like i always say, price may differ depending on your dealer or country.


The care bar soap is specially formulated with active ingredients that work to give smooth clear skin. It is made with extracts of nature, milk, honey and fortified with Vitamin E which is formulated to keep the skin looking fresh and young.

Each wash ensures lasting freshness and leaves you with an invigorating sensual fragrance all day. The classic bar soap is mild on all skin types and does not cause irritations. Eva Complexion Care Soap comes in attractive pink pack of 150 grams and contains Vitamin E which lets you achieve a classic appearance.

Eva Complexion Care Soap gives clean wash while working on the skin for a radiant complexion. The gentle caring and brightening formula leaves skin looking radiantly beautiful and helps retain its natural moisture. It provides classic freshness and pleasant long-lasting sensual aroma with every bath or shower. Your skin will definitely look soft and hydrated every time you use it. Give your skin flawless beautiful look and feel fresh all day with this complexion care bar soap. Its brightening ingredients give subtle flawless skin via the Vitamin E.


Hmmmm...this is a bit confusing for me. but i give it a 5/10. Not too good & not too bad.


This soap is %100 safe as ive used it for close to 2 months now. SAFE - HYGIENIC & DANGEROUS CHEMICAL FREE.


Do you know any shop or mini mart who deal on cosmetics? ify yes then check on them. just ask for EVA COMPLEXION CARE SOAP & Make sure you dont get cheated. Check on the expiry date and make sure you compere the picture on this post with it just to make sure you aint buying an imitation.

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i hope this my personal review helps. if you have an experience to share please use the comment box bellow.

Remain blessed. You Look Dope Dot Com (ilookdope.com)


  1. please wat can i use to lightening my lips

    1. Hello, sorry for late replies. Caro tone black spot corrector can help. but make sure you dont swallow it or something