#FemalesOnly: 14 Common Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

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Hiya!! I’ve been so worried about beauty mistakes a lot of
women make, I was on my way home, when I saw a
woman who drew her brows with liquid eyeliner.
Honestly, it was heartbreaking, I was a bit confused
though , as to whether it was permanent makeup or she
actually used liquid liner.

This however, led me to address a number of mistakes
ladies make on a daily basis. A lot of people are guilty of
many of the mistakes, personally I’ve fallen victim to
using extremely light foundation and excessive lipstick.

Your breakthrough comes when you realise its a mistake,
and listen to peoples corrections and make the right
adjustments. I’ve highlighted a lot of mistakes below, pick
out yours and make necessary adjustments.

1. Over lining your lips

2. Over highlighting your face

3. Highlighting brows with extremely light concealer

4. Too much foundation

5. Over winging your eyeliner

6. Using the wrong shade of eyebrow pencil for your brows

7. Using extremely light foundation, click here for picking the right foundation shade

8. Drawing the wrong shape of brows for your face

9. Using too much glue for your eyelashes, click here for how to fix your lashes properly

10. Using hair bond glue for lashes

11. Using too much lipstick for ladies with full lips

12. Using too much eyeliner for the bottom lash line

13. Using excessive blush

14. Not applying foundation and powder to your hairline, jawline and neck.

Nobody is above mistakes, as you can see in the image above, a celebrity was also a victim. So all you have to do is study this mistakes and become as perfect as an artist.

I Hope This helps.

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