#FemalesOnly: 7 Must Have Make-Up Brushes

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The secret to flawless makeup even for a pro lies in the makeup brushes. Tobi, a professional makeup artist said; ‘every flawless makeup is as a result of good cosmetics as much as the brushes used.’
Do you want to always have your makeup looking flawless? Then you have to leave the finger painting for the learners and graduate from the foam department because just like building your wardrobe, you must be a collector of good make up brushes.
If you only have seven brushes in your kit, this must be them.

POWDER BRUSH ilookdope.com
We all love puffy powder foams but powder brushes do a better job. With a brush, you get your powder exactly where you want it without getting it flattened all over your face. So yes! The foams have to go and for the powder brushes, the fluffier the better.

FOUNDATION BRUSH ilookdope.com
This brush is one of the most important brushes every beginner should have. With a foundation brush, you can evenly apply your foundation.

EYE SHADOW BRUSH ilookdope.com
These brushes are ridiculously cheap and very important so every lady should have at least two in her kit. No more using your fingers to apply your eye shadow.

CONCEALER BRUSH ilookdope.com
A makeup is not perfect until you evenly apply your concealer, hide every flaw on your face using a good concealer brush.

BROW BRUSH ilookdope.com
Every lady can afford a brow brush and because your brow and lashes need a little grooming to make your makeup perfect, you should have it in your kits.

BLUSH BRUSH ilookdope.com
Contour and highlight your cheekbones and look pixel-perfect with a good blush brush.

LIPS BRUSH ilookdope.com
Get your lips perfectly defined especially when applying a bright shade by using a good lip brush. If you want to look like a Pro, you have to do it like a Pro.

Look up for any good beauty & cosmetic shop around you or better still search on google.
I hope this helpss......

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