#FemalesOnly: How To Look Taller Even Without High Heels

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Most women who are petite wear high heels to look taller. Apparently, high heels make women feel good and also make us feel sexy. For those who wear high heels to look taller, there are other ways which you can look taller without high heels.


1. Flats and strappy sandals, especially in light or nude colors, that show a lot of skin will help elongate your legs instead of just cutting them off at the ankles. When it comes to boots, look for styles that end just above your ankle, at the narrowest part of your leg, so that as much of your leg is visible as possible. You can also try a fitted over-the-knee boot, but make sure to wear it with something extra short and fitted through the waist to make your legs look as long as possible.

2. Style your hair so that it has some height and fullness around the crown. You don’t have to have a big hair look, but avoid flat and smooth styling on top.

3. When going for jumpsuit, look for something fitted and tailored — no loose, flowy shapes or gathered elastic waistbands — or, instead of a full-length jumpsuit, try a romper. The shorter it is, the longer your legs will look and the taller you will look.

4. For a longer, leaner look when styling your mini skirt, stick to fitted and A-line silhouettes that hit just below the knee and tuck in your top or wear something cropped so your waistline is visible. You can also try a sheer midi with something short underneath — that way you get midi style while still showing off your legs.

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