#FemalesOnly: How To Match Your Shoes With Your Outfit

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Great shoes are fashion statements and they have a unique way of adding elegance to their wearers. They also help a woman’s gait. Just like the famous designer, Christian Louboutin once said, “A woman carries her clothes but the shoe carries the woman.”

Now, there are ways to correctly match your shoes with your outfit. For instance, a pair of sneakers matched with an evening gown would definitely look awful! So here are tips to guide you in your choice of the perfect shoe to wear:

1. Spice up a plain outfit with eye-catchy shoes:

A pretty pair of shoes with some embellishments can help jazz up a rather boring outfit. Imagine pairing a pair of studded red heels with a plain black dress. A dressy pair of flats with patterns such as animal skin would look great when paired with a casual dress shirt.

2. For red carpet events, heels are the way to go:

When attending an occasion such as a red carpet event, a great pair of heels is your best choice. It gives you the confidence you need to face the crowd and pose for the cameras!

3. For formal or corporate settings, wear neutral colours:

if you work in a conservative organization, neutral colours of shoes like black, brown, grey etc would work well. However, if your organization allows you to dress in a business casual style, you can incorporate some colour when choosing the shoes to wear.

4. Make sure your shoes do not compete with your clothes:

If you are wearing a patterned dress with bold colours, pair it with a plain and simple pair of shoes . Neutral colours such as black and gray work well with bright coloured dresses. You can consider wearing stiletto heels, wedge heels or flats depending on the occasion.

5. Do not wear the same colour head-to-toe:

Try mixing colours or shades of colours in your outfit. Do not wear one solid color from head to toe. It might appear odd to wear a white dress, a white scarf, with white ballerinas. If you are wearing a dress with a solid colour, try wearing a different colour of shoes to provide some contrast.

my sweet ladies, i hope this helps.