How To Prepare A Drink That Can Get You Recovered From Emaciation In 3 Days

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recover from emerciation in
(Photo: After I Finished Preparing The Drink)

Hello huns, hope you all are good? today am gonna show you how to prepare a drinkable mixture that can make you recover from emaciation in 3 days without stress or much expenditure.
First Of all lets look at the meaning & Causes of Emaciation

The word Emaciation is a state of excess weight loss due to loss of subcutaneous fat beneath the skin. When we get emaciated, we look ugly & wack. clothes no longer fits us, we look tethered & unkept. This can easily be noticed when you discover loss of flesh on the bone just before your chest.

recover from emgerciation
(Photo: Former NAFDAC Boss Emaciated After illness)

Most people in africa face this situation as a result of hunger and starvation, But A quite large number of us get emaciated due to situations like:

1. Sickness which leads to loss of appetite.

2. Stress as a result of over labour.

3. Over Thinking due to emotional circumstances..

4. Malnutrition

And so much more....

My brothers & sisters, Emaciation isn't Good at all, we can easily get rid of this problem . Am gonna show you how to recover all your lost weight in 3 days with no much stress.


1. Malt Drink (E.g Amstel Malta, Guinness Malt etc)

2. One Raw Egg

3. A Thin Of Liquid Milk (E.g Peak Milk, Nestle Milk etc)

4. A Big Size Cup (Preferably A Jug)

5. A Table Spoon.

6. A Cube of sugar (If you like)


1. Open The malt Drink & Turn it into The Jug or large size cup

2. Break the Raw egg & Pour it into The cup containing the malt drink & stare properly.

3. Open up The thin of liquid milk & pour it all into the Same jug or large size cup & stare very well for about 5 - 10 minutes.

4. Add A Cube of Suger (if you like) & Stare very well.

5. Now you can drink & enjoy.

NOTE: Prepare This mixture Once in a day and drink. Do This for A week, In 3 Days you will discover good results.
After you must have recovered i advise you stop taking it so that it wont get you very FAT.

I learnt this from my mum, ive used it my self and it works very fine.
Am Expecting Testimonies here,

God bless.