KNUCKLES TATTOOS: The Recommended Decent Tattoos For Everyone

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Tattoos are beautiful! they are good but to a point.
According to the christian faith and maybe some other religion tattoos are seen as sacrileges, thats A believe tho but honestly to me theres absolutely nothing wrong with a decent tattoo.

The Fact that most people now use tattoos for various abnormal activities has now given everyone an impression that tattoos are evil & bad. but to some extent you can still get a tattoo, not just a tattoo but a decent one.

I read a fellow blogger's write up, she said she happens to interview a man who tattooed 666 On his forehead at the united states, can you imagine? can such thing ever happen in africa? even having a cross image tattoo here in Nigeria, you might be regarded as a cultist.

Ive got love for just one tattoo. A decent & nice one and also quite discreet. This tattoo involves the inking of a four letter words to your four fingers of a hand, the part just after your knuckles when looking down from your nails as seen in the image bellow:

(A Knuckles Tattoo)

This kinda tattoo can also be called KNUCKLES TATTOOS. Although this one above seems to be too large in sizes but it portrays exactly what am trying to explain to you.
Tattoos dont have to be images all the time, text rocks better.

knuckles tatoo
(Photo: A Girl Rocking Her Knuckles Tatoo)

I Advise first time tattoo fellows to try it with a temporary tattoo first so that you can get to know if you are Comfortable with it. Reasons are because %60 of people having tattoos today regretted ever doing a permanent one at first, They discovered that they ain't the tattoo type thus trying to clean off a permanent tattoo might leave them with a permanent scar. So i strongly advise that you try it as a temporary tattoo at first. Maybe after 4 months and you discover thatyou're okay with it you can go for a permanent one.

I am actually preparing to go do a temporary tattoo on my knuckles, i will share the pictures when am done.

Thanks for reading.

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