#MalesOnly: How To Grow A Nice Looking Beard

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With great beards comes great responsibility and most men know this. If you doubt this, ask any man you see that has a beard. But here is the thing, growing a beard does not happen over night.


There are stages and you need to pass each of those stages one by one. Skipping one of them means that you are going to have a hard time growing that beard that you.

In this post am going to be telling you about the 7 stages of growing a healthy beard.... Alright?

1. The Decision:

The first step is actually deciding to grow a beard.

It is one thing to not shave for a few days... it is a whole other thing to decide to grow a beard. It is a long term commitment so you better be ready for that kind of commitment.

2. Patience:

Ah... this is the part where most guys start to give up. My first attempt at growing a beard ended after two weeks. I felt it would not fill up nicely and the itching was something else. You need to give it time to fill up. And don't worry about the itching. After a while it will stop.

3. Getting it trimmed professionally:

As your beard starts to grow and fill up, then you need to maintain it and trim it well. No need carrying a beard that is not properly trimmed and looking scruffy. If you cannot do it by yourself, goto a good barber that will help you trim it well and then you only just have to maintain it.

4. Invest in a good brush and moisturizer:

Serious you need this. You need a good brush and beard oil.
You don't want to be walking around looking someone they just released from a psyche ward abi?
LOL.....check up on your super market around you and ask for a good one.

5. Accept that people will talk about it:

As your beards start to become full, dem must talk. And you have to accept it. After a while they will get used to it and accept it.

6. ...and they will treat you differently:

A beard is a powerful tool. It can make you look older, powerful and very imposing. SO be ready for all the good compliments that are going to come your way.

7. Dealing with food and drink:

The only annoying thing about growing a beard (in my humble but accurate opinion) is that you have to wipe your beard everytime after eating. But hey, small sacrifice for a mighty weapon right.

So go ahead and grow a beard. Let nothing stop.

i will be posting useful articles on how to grow a beard and take care of your beard here at least once a week. so stay tuned

Have a nice day

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