#MalesOnly: What Your Shoes Reflects About You

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The truth is we acknowledge that one’s personality cannot be determined entirely from one’s shoes, and as such, we do not suggest writing off a man just because his shoes aren’t attractive but nonetheless, we have a partial love for men who wear good shoes.

As humans, one can either care about what people think of you or not care about their opinions. Regardless of the category you find yourself in, your choice of footwear may have been sending out the wrong message. Whether you bought your shoes because they are cheap, comfortable or you allow people shop for you, be reminded that your choice of shoes maybe ruining your entire appearance.
We shall continue in the same vein with some more common shoes men wear and what those shoes say about them.

Wearing sneakers shows that you’re very much conscious of your image but you retain a little bit of your laid-back nature. In truth, comfort is key provided you avoid wearing Converse that are grungy or very scuffed-up which would make you look like a carefree teenager.

Vibram FiveFingers
These shoes show that the wearer is keen about matching everything and ensuring they have the right mix. That’s a joy to look forward to if he gets the right mix with other things in his life.

Loafers are trendy and if you choose this, you’re definitely on the right track to getting people’s approval. Suede loafers that come in neutral colours are comfortable and trendy. Penny loafers are also q good choice but they aren’t much of a good choice for a office setting. The loafers show that you’re comfortable with who you are and you’re sure to get people’s approval.

Mostly worn by motorbike riders or rock band members, black boots give off the assumption that the wearer cares very little of the opinion of others but rather revels in the inner satisfaction of self.
Thus, if you don’t fall in these category of people, then you had better have a worthy excuse for choosing this type of footwear.

Boat Shoes
Boat shoes have been worn for a long time by teenage boys and are still trending in modern day perhaps due to the comfortable laid-back style. It exudes the freedom characteristic of teenage years where being hippy is the fad. They are a good choice when worn with chinos or shorts.

Athletic in nature, the high-tops can make people mistake you for a basketballer or a wannabe. High-tops signify you as someone gunning for the top. It is however best to avoid it except you have a deep fashion knowledge that would enable you choose the most appropriate brand that suits you.

This shoes should always be paired with exercise gears and not doing so gives off a very negative perception of your person. Wearing runners show you have the athletic nature and some of the abilities that goes with it but should be avoided with conventional dressing in order to avoid mishaps that comes with unacceptable fashion trend.

Sandals should be a no no except you have proper pedicure which would draw positive attention to your feet. Sandals portray a carefree nature indicating that the wearer loves and enjoys his freedom. And of course, it is very much acceptable during the hot and humid season.

Thongs are mostly worn by surfers and carefree dudes. It is otherwise known as Flip-Flops or slippers and is very akin to going barefoot because of the soft and calm disposition it makes the wearer portray. Though it may not be that attractive in comparison with other shoes, it holds its own when worn to the beach and serious dry season heat. It is however awkward wearing thongs with formal outfits which may make you appear out of place.

Lastly, whatever shoe you choose, it is important
you’re comfortable in it irrespective of what people
think of how you appear in them.