#Tech: Soon We Will Be Able To Change The Colour Of Our Shoes With Our Smart phones

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Mehhhn have you ever think of this? you have a red top or cap and you bought a red sneakers, now you've got an occasion to attend and you plan to go YELLOW, and no yellow shoes to match? Yeah...its really pissing.
Many people end up buying a particular product of shoes severally just because of the colour they want. But i guess its all gonna be over soon, Sneaker Company are about launching their tech shoe whose colour can be changed easily with our smartphone.

Smart clothing and gear is one of the next great frontiers in wearable tech — and +rehab studio is working on sneakers that change colour with a simple smartphone app.

The company recently unveiled its concept for the "Shift Sneaker ", a shoe comprised of material that can communicate with your smartphone and shift colours to match your outfit or mood.

Why the sneaker? Well, sneaker fans tend to have several pairs, but the company wants to change that by creating “the sneaker you buy once that acts like a million different

According to Gizmodo , the sneakers use “conductive and reactive textiles with adept fibres,” to transform design. Basically, the conductive materials allow electrical signals to pass through to adjust the mini LEDs throughout the shoe to change colours and patterns. Of course, it’s worth remembering that the shoe does exists yet — it is basically just some ideas — but this sort of futurology could be important, as it may well inspire the actual industry big names to develop these technologies.

So what Do You think? would you go for the CAMELON sneakers when its out?
On my own i promise to alert you guys here when its out.

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