#MalesOnly: How To Trim Your Eyebrows For A Sexy Look

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We all know how we love to keep our eyebrows all masculine, rough and sexy for the ladies. But there’s a fantastic way to actually trim those eyebrows and still have them sexy and rough. Do you want to find out? Then read this article to the very end!

Trim It:

Start off by brushing your eyebrows upwards with a small toothed comb or an old toothbrush. Using a sharp scissor, snip off a little of the brow hair. Brush them downwards and snip off the unwanted hairs some more.

Pluck It:

Finally tweeze off unwanted hair in the direction they grow in. Just little off the tip. The best time to sharpen your brows is after a hot bath when your pores are still open, this would lessen any pain when tweezing.

Keeping Things Natural:

Unwanted hairs can go, but leave those strays that still make those eyebrows maintain their sexy arch. And there you have it! Well trimmed and plucked brows. Why don’t you give it a try today? Better yet have your girlfriend help you out *wink wink*

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Credits: Zegist

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  1. Interesting.. I like well trimmed brow whether on male or female..