#Review: 2 Minutes Miracle Anti-Ageing & Rejuvenating Gel By Ice Elements

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(Photo: A Cup Of 2 Minutes Miracle Gel)

Yayyy its been quite long since i reviewed a product here....and today i wanna break that yoke!
i recently wrote an article for my momma's blog (www.trendwithgloria.com) on Skin Rejuvenation & Exfoliation & i promised to write a review on the product i once used to rejuvenate my skin.

(Photo: 2 Minutes Miracle Gel Sachets | Credits: Amazon)

2 Minutes Miracle Gel Is truly a miracle Gel!. Remember My uncle i told you about that helped me know about Nivea lotion? He's also the one that introduced this product to me.
So i will be writing a couple of my views about 2 Minutes Miracle Gel Bellow! And i hope you get to enjoy it...


As i said earlier, 2 Minutes Miracle Gel is truly a miracle gel! Have you ever seen a gel that removes your dead skin in 2 minutes? without injuries or stress? If yes, Then Its probably 2 Minutes Miracle Gel.


Using 2 Minutes Miracle Gel is very simple! All you have to do is apply on where ever you want to rejuvenate or exfoliate, wait for 2 minutes & then rub the area in a circular motion.
Soon you'll observe a lot of dead skin cells coming out from that area. Don't forget to rinse with hot water when you're through.


I advice you use 2 Minutes Miracle Gel on your face & on any part of your skin that tends to look old or wrinkled. Apply it as you apply a balm & be economical (optional)


This Gel Comes in different sizes. I Discovered The 3g sachets Online but i my uncle gave me the 57g cup.
Well, i used a cup of 2 Minutes Miracle Gel for almost 2 months.
Why? Because i dont get to use it always. And besides i use it on my face & knuckles only.
So i will say that the life span of this gel depends on how you use it.


Have you ever touched a vegetable oil? or a toothpaste gel? , that's exactly how 2 Minutes Miracle Gel feels to the touch.
As for its odour, it smells somehow like when you're burning rubber or something. it also smells like a mutilated spirit, thats on my own view sha!


I love the fact that the product is real! You know some product may have such a name like "2 MINUTES MIRACLE GEL" and end up being a piece of Shit!!!
I also like the way it felt when i first applied it on my skin. Felt like ice or something.


But Hey! do i even have a dislike on this product? uhhhmnnn.....i dont think so oo..


When i asked my uncle about the price of this gel, he said he bought the cup for $37.75 in the US, which is about N7,000 here in Nigeria.
But the 3g sachet according to Amazon is $2 which is about N400 here in Nigeria. As i always say, Price may differ. It all depends on where you buy.


2 Minutes Miracle Gel is 100% Safe! i bet my blog on this.
Theres absolutely no trace of harmful ingredients used to prepare this gel & moreover i didt get any reaction after usage.


Mehhn i still doubt if this gel is in the Nigerian market as ive searched for it on konga and jumia but to no avail.
But Hey! i think it will be available in any reputable cosmetic dealer around you. just ask for 2 Minutes Miracle Gel & make sure you dont buy imitations.

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  1. Wow great product i guess.. Will try searching for it cos am a sucker for good skin..