The Perfect Way To Apply Your Skin Lotion or Cream

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Alotta people really do their lotion / cream application very wrong....i couldn't even picture this until i witnessed a friend of mine applying his cream...
I was like 'Hey, is that how you apply your lotion?' And he was like 'Mr. Too Know, How else is it done?' LOL...of course no one knows it all tho, i learnt this from my mum even before i knew the importance.

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Our skin tends to absorb Our lotion or cream much more immediately after taking our bath....but Hey! that doesn't mean you've gotta dry out every water on your skin with a towel like you do to your car...

Remember water got alotta work to do when it comes to making your skin glow, you've successfully scrubbed & washed all the oils outta your skin as a result of regular exfoliation or just for perfect bath, now your pores are crying and begging for a lotion to moisturize the skin and all you did was to dry it up completely? My dear you just locked up your pores, you've blocked the entrance, so where do you want the lotion to pass now? how is it gonna work?
Even when it manages to absorb its only gonna be a 2/ me!

So what I'm i trying to say???
stop drying your skin completely before applying your body lotion / cream...Am not saying you should leave it dropping wet tho, all am saying is you have to leave a little quantity of water on your skin and apply your lotion like that!

Water helps your skin alot! in fact, soaking your self in a tube or pool for long is a sure way to attain a radiant & glowing skin..
So when you take a shower you shouldn't just dry your self up like that, leave a bit of it and apply your lotion..

This helps to make your body lotion / cream last much more longer & also ensures that the lotion gets to touch every inche of you....drying your self up completely will only result to friction during cream / lotion application, as a result you will end up touching few areas. This is another reason why most people get a uneven skin tone..

Remember you're using a soap too, this soap will only work when its absorbed into your skin perfectly, So drying your skin up completely will only lead to an abortion of the process of absorbing the soap's molecules....this is why most soaps advice users to leave on skin for two minutes before rinsing off. They know some of us are fund of drying it up completely..

So Ladies & Gent, the perfect way to apply your cream is when your skin is still a bit wet...not too wet tho...just a bit! your cream will go in much faster accompanied with the water.

i just hope i impacted something to someone today....if you love this please share..

God bless!!!


  1. wow! you have impacted something good..just have to share this on my fb page.
    What a discovery. gonna apply my cream in a different way this evening
    Topmost Tree

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