#WhatSheWore: Long Denim Jacket X Black Ripped-Off Pants

9:07:00 PM Chris konor 1 Comments


Yayyyyyy....its another weekend.....Another Dress Code Saturday, and today its gonna be on a friend.


Her name is JENNY RUSH tho. Cool headed, Dope, Sexy & Classy! And Hey ive got an Eye on her for real *wink*. Basically I'm concentrating on the top & pants she's wearing here.


JENNY RUSH Wore A Long Denim jacket, Precisely A long sleeved one & A Black Ripped-Off pants. A White Inner Tho, so she didt have to button the denim straight down...Obviously This photos are Hot!


So Ladies & Male Stylists, Pick Your inspirations From this! Happy Weekend..

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  1. With denim, you can never go wrong.. Happy Weekend dear