7 Facts You Should Know About Skin Lightening

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7 Facts You Should Know About Skin Lightening

Hello All, Been a while Right? Ive been so so busy these days with chores here and there all because of the xmas & new year celebration....But anyway, ive decided to always drop a post here at least once in 2 days.

Today, its gonna be on some facts i discovered during my few years of experience in lightening my skin...This is for educational purpose only tho.....

7 facts you should know about skin lightening

1. Lightening Your Skin Can Change You: I've seen my family friends & back in the days classmates in a cab and they really didt recognise me when i try to greet them. They end up getting very surprised & try asking me few questions. A lighter you is much more different than a Darker you...

2. %80 Of Skin Lightening Products Are Dangerous: a lot of Skin lightening products Are made from dangerous chemicals Ranging from Heavy Metals like Mercury & Chemicals like Hydroquinone which can end up giving you cancer. The funny aspect of this is the fact that a %2 of any of these dangerous chemicals have been Approved to be safe by various health agencies which is very wrong.

3. Sunscreen Is Essential: It is advice able That one wears sun screen or use skin lightening lotions that has sun screen. UV Rays are dangerous & can cause your skin sun burn & much more..

4. All Safe Skin Lighteners Are Made from Plant & Animal Extracts: Im currently using a soap called Extract Papaya Calamansi whitening soap. Its a herbal soap too gotten from the PAPAYA Fruit. Ive also seen A cream made up of lemon & also Egg yolk.

5. Dark Joints Are A Major Problem: Knuckles, Knees, Elbows are a major concern while lightening your skin. If %40 of a bottle of lotion is spent on other parts of your body, the other percentage should be spent on your joints. Joints are tougher!

6. Skin Reaction Is Common: I personally got an eczema on the right side of my face just 1 month after i started using my skin lightening cream. i also got stretch marks emerging from my under arm too. Skin tends to react to skin lightening products which brings about Rashes, Eczema, Pigmentation & lots more..

7. A Good Skin Lightener Is A Gently Lightener: Any skin lightening product that gets you several shades lighter in a week is completely dangerous. Although i mixed mine back then with a couple of serums & triple action creams which transformed me from black to a nearly white in a week.....Lol...i had to stop it when people started complaining. I'm now maintaining a chocolate skin colour with a very safe lotion.

Do You have anymore fact based on your experience? kindly drop it with the comment box bellow...

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