How Too Much Of Bathing Affects Your Skin's Health

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The effect of spending too much in the bathroom, Is spending too much time in the bathroom bad safe okay

Its A new day readers, friends & family! I'm sincerely sorry for not being active here always, ive got other things doing so i have to come here once in a while...

Today its gonna be on The effect of bathing too much to your skin's health. But come to think of it, bathing is said to help Exfoliate the skin & also to remove dirt....So why should bathing for long & bathing too much be a bad thing to do??

I've been addicted to staying atleast 10 - 15 minutes in the bathroom ever since my childhood...people always say "I BATH LIKE A WOMAN"...LOL!!! So na only woman dey stay long for bathroom shey? AFRICANS THO...

To cut the long stories short, i came across an article in one of my favourite health blogs signifying that bathing for too long & bathing too often removes skins natural oil. It will interest you to know that without this oil your skin will look so dull & pale. Its gonna have no glow & can make you look old.

Of course there are almost 50 health dangers of bathing too much, but the concerns of this blog is mostly on skin care & beauty..
Not Only does Too much of showering wash away skin bio oils, it also wash away delicate skin fluid that protects skin against bacteria

But i personally cant stay without bathing twice daily, so what i did was to start using a moisturizing bathing soap....In Fact, the kind of soap we use are the major reason why bathing too often is unhygienic...

The effect of spending too much in the bathroom, Is spending too much time in the bathroom bad safe okay


Using a moisturizing bathing soap is the only solution to this problem. You also have to use a moisturizing lotion too after bathing. Nivea has one of the best moisturizing bathing soap fact, all nivea soaps are moisturizing..

Now as for moisturizing lotion, Nivea Extra Hydration Lotion is Dope! Others include: Vaseline Total Moisture cocoa glow, Jergens Moisturizing Lotion, Olay Ultra Healing Moisturizing Lotion & Lots more.

As for Skin Lighteners, You can use Your skin lightening soap in the mornings together with your moisturizing lotion...Then in the evenings, Use your moisturizing soap & your skin lightening lotion (NOTE: Skin lightening products tends to work much more in the nights than in the day here in africa)

But if you feel that the above is too expensive or just too confusing then it is better to stop bathing for more than 7 minutes...i really don't advice you to stop the twice a day bathing...Thats very essential.

Mehhn I just hope this brief advice was educating tho...

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  1. Thank God I don't Stay for long in the bathroom except if am Shaving

  2. i will check whether i use moisturizing bathing soap, used to a moisturizing lotion tho

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