#MalesOnly: The Only Pair Of Shoes You'll Ever Need

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the only pair of shoes you

From Kylie Jenner buying 20 new pairs of shoes to Chris Brown showing off his shoe closet, a man may begin to feel he needs a lot of shoes to be stylish. The truth is, no man needs 20 pairs of shoes. You can get away with less, the key is to stock your wardrobe with versatile, interchangeable pieces.

So here are the six pairs of men’s shoes a man will ever need. Please keep in mind that the colours mentioned are only supposed to act as guidelines.

1. White Canvas Sneakers:

the only pair of shoes you

They are the perfect causal shoes and can be worn with or without stocking depending on your choice or the weather. Think weekend errands, poolside days, beach trips, jogging and good old fashioned chilling.

2. Light Brown Boat Shoes:

the only pair of shoes you

It is still casual but then a step up from white canvas shoes. You can wear them with shorts, chinos or casual jeans. You can’t go wrong with tan or brown, but feel free to get creative with colors and styles.

3. Medium Brown Ankle Boots:

the only pair of shoes you

This shoe can easily qualify as the most versatile men’s shoe on earth. You can wear a brown ankle boot with jeans, chinos, cords or trousers. You can dress them up, down and everything in between.

4. Rich Loafers:

the only pair of shoes you

Loafers are good for trousers and business environment and with their easy to slip on and off, they are very perfect for when you’re running late (or trying to get through airport security). They’re dressy enough for almost any professional setting and can be used to upgrade \warm weather casual looks.

5. Wingtips:

the only pair of shoes you

If you work in an office, you probably wear some combination of jacket/button up shirt trousers every day. Wingtips will almost always work with any of these outfits. Go for something on the darker side, as opposed to a walnut or cognac color. Don’t be afraid to wear a shoe with some decoration.

6. Black Cap Toe Oxfords:

the only pair of shoes you

Reserve this for really special occasion, so buy a nice one that will look great for the long haul, and make sure to keep them polished. You can choose a plain toe or cap toe, but stay away from the broguing, or decoration. After all, these are the shoes you will wear to black tie events and the likes.

Happy new year to you all....God bless.