#Review: Irish Gold Egg Yolk Toning Formular With %0 Hydroquinone

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irish gold egg yolk toning formular with %0 hydroquinone review ilookdope ingredients, comments, is it safe, ilookdope.com

Yayyyy......Ive finally full filled my promise on this one. Ive promised to review this product days back on my social media handles, sorry for the delay...ive not been chanced.

I actually came across iRish Gold Egg Yolk Toning Formular in a cosmetic shop where i do buy my soap & cream. The lady selling there was recommending it to someone else tho. I picked interest in it immediately she said the cream doesn't contain hydroquinone.

So i bought it & used it up & im here to share my experience with you guys as usual....But this time, ive decided to start attaching live pictures to my reviews just to make it lively & more educating....i had it in mind to attach live pictures tho but i wanted to purchase a digital camera first, but all the same im gonna be managing my phone's camera for now...its quite low in quality, do bear with me.

irish gold egg yolk toning formular with %0 hydroquinone review ilookdope ingredients, comments, is it safe, ilookdope.com


Looking forward to tone your skin for less than 2 weeks? Need To lighten your skin with a danger free lotion? Then iRish Gold Egg Yolk Toning Formular is what you really need. I started seeing visible results as early as 10 days.
iRish Gold Egg Yolk Toning Formular Also left my skin feeling very soft...when ever i woke up the next morning i always notice my skin gets softer & a bit lighter.

This formular was developed by highly experienced cosmetic chemist to treat and help you eliminate scars & stretch marks caused by ageing , pregnancy and exposure to sun.
iRish Gold Egg Yolk Toning Formular Didt actually fade off my stretch marks completely tho, All it did was to make it really dark which means if i had continued using it it would have fade it off.


This lotion is quite thick & feels really greasy to the skin. it has a good smell which i cant really explain exactly. iRish Gold Egg Yolk Toning Formular is Whitish in colour & absorbs into the skin pretty slow.


iRish Gold Egg Yolk Toning Formular Is 300ml in size. Lasted for A month And some days despite my Lavish Use of it in the mornings & evenings.

irish gold egg yolk toning formular with %0 hydroquinone review ilookdope ingredients, comments, is it safe, ilookdope.com

iRish Gold Egg Yolk Toning Formular comes in a rubber enclosed inside a yellow strong paper container. Front of This container has the name "IRISH GOLD EGG YOLK TONING FORMULAR %0 HYDROQUNONE" in a stylish design with the image of a broken egg & its yolk visibly shown. The back of the container has the ingredients & product promises.

Inside this container is a white rubber bottle containing this lotion. Its made up of a yellow Cover with a fine golden circular design in the middle.
The product name & details are still found on this rubber bottle in a yellowish design.


I love the neutrality of this lotion..at least i feel safe while using it. I also like the way it lightened me, it didt have to whiten me first, it just gave me a brown like light colour in a month...


Its just too greasy & really slow to absorb. I also dont like the way the lotion is brought out of its container....i prefer the press out type like that of Nivea lotions.


iRish Gold Egg Yolk Toning Formular recommends that we use it as frequent as possible in a lavish way. But to me, all you need to do is use it in the mornings & evenings, Apply to your skin when your skin is still a bit wet just to aid absorbing & make sure you avoid contact with eyes.
As for the specified age restriction its not given here, i guess it can be used by a day old baby tho....LOL!!!!! (CrAzY Me)


Initially, the seller here told me she's selling it for N1,000, the cash with me wasn't enough to complete the price so i told her i would pay N900 & she accepted. So i think its gonna be Around N800 to N1,000 here in nigeria. And remember, Location & Seller may affect price


Meeehhhhnn im just too lazy to type this now, so check on the image bellow, sorry if its not clear.
irish gold egg yolk toning formular with %0 hydroquinone review ilookdope ingredients, comments, is it safe, ilookdope.com


I rate this product 3.5/5


This lotion is made from pure natural extract. The major ingredient in this lotion is "EGG YOLK" which is known to effectively leave the skin with tremendous results. Well, i can say iRish Gold Egg Yolk Toning Formular is %80 safe because ive also heard that chicken extracts are dangerious...But is it more dangerous than HYDROQUINONE that many of us use? NO!!!!


shops, stores & super markets around you should have this lotion. also you can check your reputable online stores in your various countries. just look at the photo of it above & dont fall for inferior or imitation.

Thank You all for reading. Am ever ready to help you with your problems. You can connect with me on Facebook with Chris konor Or follow me on twitter or instagram with @ilookdopeHQ



  1. Alright ... thanks

    Btw can you do a review on fair and white lotion ...the one of golden package... Gold 3

    1. Hello vivian, i will do that soon....just bear with me..

      thanks for stopping by dearie

  2. Between This cream and extract papaya lotion, which does a better chocolate toning that will not be harmful, thanks.

    1. Hello lovelyn, i would advice you to use either irish gold egg yolk or Lite & lovely lotions. They're safe & gives a chocolate tone.

    2. Lite&lovely contains 1.8%hydroquinone...still trying to investigate Irish eggyolk,even though I saw it for 4000#q

  3. hello, pls i would love to buy the Irish Gold Egg Yolk and the
    Irish Gold Complexion Maxi Tone Lotion. Can i get it from you

    1. Hello abidin, I dont sell it, you can get it from your local stores

      Thanks for stopping by & sorry for late replies.

  4. Stumbled on your blog by chance...I must say you're doing a good job, having to use yourself for the experiment even in the case of harsh creams....keep it up.i'll be following your posts