#Official: An Apology For The Long Break

9:11:00 PM Chris konor 0 Comments


With Deep Regret & Shame im back here again to continue what i started since what seems like a decade now..

Ive put all my effort here, my time, dedication & the little writing skills ive got. Im doing it for the passion! i love what i do. Im happy to have been of help to alot of people recently and im proud of it.

Im a student and also have alotta stress here, Alotta challenges and alotta Obstacles...I just didt come up with the conclusion "I WONT BLOG FOR A MONTH"... It all happened with regards to the condition i find my self right now.

I just wanna say im sorry to every single person who have visited & read my blog posts & those potential readers who will find their way here soon.

I wanna let you know that im back and better. Im always here to answer whatever quetions uve got. And Guess what? Theres about 20 new products i used recently and will be dropping reviews and insights soon.

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Thanks for your support lately...