6 Must Know Lip Stick Tricks For Every Lady

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lip stick tricks you should know

Today its gonna be on Some 6 must know lip stick tricks for every DOPE lady, To make your lips look sexy, you must know about some lipstick tricks. The way you apply your lipstick makes a huge difference on your entire makeup. Make your lips look bigger, brighter and voluptuous using these tricks…..

1. Choose according to skin tone:

Use dark lip colors to compliment the dark skin tone. Use light lip colors for light skin complexion. Colors like pale brown and pink are ideal for light skin. Use medium colors for olive skin complexion. Choose red color, only if it suits you well. Red color does not suit every skin tone, so choose wisely.

2. Use a lip-gloss:

Lip-gloss creates a cool effect for lip makeup. Use a lip-gloss on the lipstick to create a sexy shimmering effect. Or, use a transparent lip-gloss on the lips to get a natural effect.

3. Create a fuller lip effect:

Use two different shades in lip liners or lipstick to get great effect. Use a light lip liner on the upper edge of the lips, and dark lip liner on the lower edge. Do not make this look obvious, it should look simple and subtle. Then apply a dark colored lip color on the lips. And, finally apply a light colored lipstick on top. This method creates a fuller lip effect.

4. Use a brush:

After you apply lipstick on the lips, dab it with a brush. Use any brush for this purpose. Using a tissue on the lips can also give the same effect. The idea is to remove excess lipstick from the lips to get perfect result.

5. Use a loose powder or foundation:

This trick really works for lip makeup. Apply a loose powder or a foundation on the lips. Also, cover the lower and upper edge to give a perfect finish. This process helps to make the lipstick last long. It also gives an appearance of sexy and pouty lips.

6. Make your lips smooth:

It is important to make your lips smooth and repair the cracks. Use a lip balm or cream to fill in the cracks if any. Also, exfoliate your lips to make them smooth. Oatmeal and honey can be applied on the lips to make the lips soft and smooth. If your lips are dry, then use a hydrating lip balm.

I hope this helps! More is still to come...