#Review: Tydineal Cream - The New Skineal & Funbact-A Alternative

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Hello LOves,

Its yet another review readers, .... Its all about the recent development that have rendered the these popular Anti-fungi, Anti-inflammatory Triple action creams useless.
Have Anyone of you experience this? The popular Funbact A & Skineal creams don't work anymore as much as they use to do.

I noticed this 2 months ago when i had some skin reaction on my back as a result of the usage of a certain cream which i will be reviewing here soon.

Ive so far used funbact A and it didn't work or show any sign of change. So i went aheard to purchase the Almighty Skineal cream and to my greatest surprise it didn't work at all.
Hmnn, I was surprised....I felt like maybe my skin is being immune to these creams. Fortunately, The skineal got Finished and i headed uptown to buy another one.

When i got there, I told my cosmetic dealer about everything and he told me that skineal & funbact-A may have been compromised or maybe has reduced their quality..

He recommended that i buy Tydineal Cream And that was how the story started....
I will be reviewing This cream bellow:

Tydineal cream review tube funbact A Skineal ilookdope.com


Tydineal Cream Is a very active triple action cream. I got real time results in 5 days, I actually used it on my face only tho and it worked wonders for me. My acne scars got faded, sun burns ran away (Lol), Pimples got eradicated and oh yeah my face became silky smooth.


This cream is really thick and also white in colour, Its Smooth to the touch and smells good. Although one of my readers here complained that she hate the smell...But to me the smell is not that offensive like other tube creams like funbact-A & Acneaway, Infact Acne away is the worst...it smells like a dead milipid.
But trust me, Tydineal Cream smells good.


This solely depends on the user. Tydineal Cream Is 20g in size, Mine lasted for a month because i didnt use it much after i got results. Using it further will be a form of drug abuse (Yes, Tydineal, Funbact - A & Skineal are drugs). My brother bought his just last week and its almost finished.


Tydineal cream review tube funbact A Skineal ilookdope.com

Like every other triple action cream, Tydineal Cream comes in tubes in a rectangular paper pack which has a lemon colour in half & also milk in the other half both seperated By a black ribon-like design. On the lemon coloured side comes the brand name "TYDINEAL" visibly written in black with its 3 ingredients written bellow it.

Tydineal cream review tube funbact A Skineal ilookdope.com

As for the tube, it has same design as that of the paper pack with a white cover enclosing the main passage of the cream.


I like the smell, Its outstanding performance & above all the simple design. It was really nice using Tydineal Cream


Its quite small, compared to the other tube creams sold for the same price. (Well, Quality over quantity)


Apply Tydineal Cream to areas affected with skin reactions, fungi, bacteria or any skin problems at all. Remember, This is a drug keep out of reach of children & dont abuse it..You should read the user manual before use.
Keep away from sunlight, store at a temperature not exceeding 25%. Do not freeze, Avoid contact with eyes.


I bought this cream for my brother last week for N450 (Four hundred and fifty naira) which is about $1.2. Remember, Price may differ with location / seller.


As seen here on the pack, Tydineal Cream is made up of just 3 ingredients, which are: KETOCONAZOLE, NEOMYCIN SULPHATE & CLOBETASOL PROPIONATE.


I rate this product 4.5/5


Yes, Tydineal Cream is 99.99% safe. But as i said earlier, Tydineal is a drug, so it sorely depends on you. If you use it right its gonna be all good....But if you end up using it for any other purpose other than treating skin problems then you are own your own.

Ive used this cream and its okay....


shops, stores, pharmaticals & super markets around you should have this tydineal cream. also you can check your reputable online stores in your various countries. just look at the photo of it above & dont fall for inferior or imitation.

Thank You all for reading. Am ever ready to help you with your problems. You can connect with me on Facebook with Chris konor Or follow me on twitter or instagram with @ilookdopeHQ



  1. please can dis cream b use along with lotion

    1. Hello again..
      Thanks for following up. Yes, you can use the lotion for your body and this one for your face

  2. Can I use this cream to smoothen the rough skin on my face? Eczema? And acne scars?

    1. Hello, sure you can. This cream is an anti-fungi, anti-bacteria cream. will help with eczema and acne

  3. Hello could you please suggest a pharmacy where I can get the cream around Ikeja.


    1. Hello ma'am...Please i really dont know exactly where you can get it in ikeja. But do check a reputable pharmaxy around your area.

      Good luck and thanks for stopping by