#ILD Style Focus Of The Week: Peace Hyde [@Peace_Hy]

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Yayy! This week's style focus came pretty early...Maybe because i failed to provide any for the previous week. Last week's schedule did'nt go as ive always planned, something popped up so i had to forfeit our style focus till this new week.

Our style focus for 25/9/2016 - 1/10/2016 is Peace Hyde. Peace is a British - Ghanain TV personality, Presenter & media entrepeneuer. I actually saw her first on a ghanain TV station called GH One. This 31 years old single lady (If i am not mistaking) is the most hottest black woman i have ever seen. From her curves to her life style, everything about her is DOPE, Infact, Peace Hyde Is a living prove that "BLACK IS BEAUTY".

Two weeks ago, Our style focus was a male, When this week was approaching i quickly remembered this elegant lady & couldnt help but to go look for her style inspiring photos on IG....
Enjoy photos bellow:

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Hope You found them interesting??? I wish you a blissful week & Never forget: BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!!!