#Review: RDL BabyFace Facial Cleanser With Kalamansi Extract

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Good day everyone!! I smell Christmas!!! Or don't you?
I really dunno why ending of the year seems to be a bad one for me when it comes to timings, i barely find time for my blog these days, i feel sad about it tho, But its all okay, I've promised my self to always drop something here weekly...Its what i have passion for.

Today's review is gonna be on a product i bought because of my oily face. There's a departmental store close to my house, i usually buy noodles & snacks there...I was about paying for some stuffs in my shopping cart when i saw some lemon coloured plastic bottles at a corner, i walked up to it, checked what it is & bought it immediately. It didn't work for me so well, i think my face is allergic to facial cleansers...I cant be so sure of this claim tho because this is the first facial cleanser I've ever used.

I'll be sharing my experience of using RDL Baby Facial Cleanser with Kalamansi Extract bellow:


RDL Baby Facial Cleanser with Kalamansi Extract is HALAL Certified For Youthful and Younger Looking Skin, It contains Kalamansi Extract which Effectively deep cleanses the skin to achieve a smooth blemish free complexion for a youthful glow. It thoroughly removes deep seated dirt and excess oil to prevent the recurrence of pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. It also moisturizes your skin with Kalamansi Extract to keep it soft, smooth and supple.

This product effectively cleanses the skin as it contains an active ingredient called allantoin, a compound highly effective in the treatment of acne as it eliminates dead skin cells when it cleanses. This also contains D-Panthenol 50 which is a provitamin of Vit B5 to deeply moisturize the skin right after cleansing to achieve a smooth and blemish free complexion for a youthful glow. In addition to that, this provitamin has wound healing effect and at the same time anti-inflammatory.

As i stated earlier, this facial cleanser didn't work for me as i expected, But I've recommended it to so many people and they've come back with testimonies of tremendous results. I had a lot of breakouts within my two weeks of using RDL Baby Facial Cleanser with Kalamansi Extract which made me stop using it immediately.


We all know how ethanol feels to our skin, like our methylated spirit, that's exactly how RDL Baby Facial Cleanser with Kalamansi Extract feels too. It also smells much of ethanol at the same time.


This lemon coloured facial cleansing formulae can last for as long as a month. It comes in a 75ML size and its sure enough to last much longer. I used RDL Baby Facial Cleanser with Kalamansi Extract in the mornings & evenings as recommended by the manufacturers.


RDL Baby Facial Cleanser with Kalamansi Extract has one of the most simple packaging I've come across in skin care products. No paper pack or covering, just the plastic bottle and its designs. Photos bellow describes its packaging better..


1. Contains Kalamansi, a natural plant extract known to be good in skin care.
2. Toned my face making it look fairer.
3. Removes dead skin cells.


1. Gave me more breakouts and roughness (Although, i recommended it to someone and it worked well for him).
2. Has a very harsh smell, that ethanol smell.


Moisten a piece of cotton with RDL Babyface Facial Cleanser with Kalamansi Extract. Apply on face and neck until thoroughly cleansed. For best results, use twice a day. Ideal in the morning and before bedtime. It is gentle for daily use.
Application should be avoided when skin is injured or inflamed. Contains Menthol. Not to be used for children under three (3) years of age. Not to be used on peeling or irritated skin. Avoid contact with eyes.


As at when i bought this facial cleanser, it was sold for N400 (Four Hundred Nigerian Naira) Here in Nigeria. Remember, Price may differ with location or seller.


All ingredients of this product is not clearly seen here on the plastic bottle due to the way I've used it, But its active ingredients includes: BENZALKONIUM CHLORIDE, D-PANTHENOL, ALLANTOIN, FRUIT EXTRACTS, MENTHOLN, KALAMANSI.


I rate this product 4.0/5.0


I can proudly & boldly say RDL Baby Facial Cleanser with Kalamansi Extract is %100 safe to anybody anywhere. It isn't made from dangerous chemicals & also didn't show any sign of being hazardous during my time of using it.


shops, stores, & super markets around you should have this product. also you can check your reputable online stores in your various countries. just look at the photo of it above & don't fall for inferior or imitation.

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