Here's the new weekly posts schedule for this blog

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Hey friends.

I finally got a mobile phone and I've been freed from all work loads so I'm back here for real work.

I've intended to become a full-time blogger this time and  Wanna make this blog more of a spiritual work as I continue the journey of building my pyramid using skincare as a tool.
here's the post schedule I will be using.

SUNDAYS: Sunday Peace Message (SPM). Quotes,  messages from spiritual scrolls and books both ancient and modern from every religion as far as it preaches peace.

MONDAYS: Monday motivational message (MMM). Everymondays I will be dropping motivational stories, quotes and articles to make your week blissful.

TUESDAYS: Skincare question of the week (SQOTW). I am bombarded with thousands of questions daily coming from all over the world.  Every Tuesday I will answer one of this questions here publicly just to make a source of reference and education to others.

WEDNESDAYS: Make up with someone (MUWS). This will be a makeup tutorial day for the ladies in particular.  This is a chance for a make up artist to show his or her talent here on I allow images and videos.

THURSDAYS: Product Alert (PA).  New and most active skin care and beauty products all over the planet will be revealed every Thursday's here. Adverts placement are welcome.

FRIDAYS: style focus of the week (SFOTW). Random stylish people from my social media handles.  Both my readers and unknown people.  Both friends and family whos style can influence those seeking for an amendment Or simply for entertainment.

SARTURDAYS: Product reviews (PR) or Skin Care Secrets (SCS) . This one is what this blog is all about. Skin care secrets and product reviews. I have to put an "Or" because sometimes I might not have any product to review.

So that's it...
I am back on whatsapp,  beep me... Be free.  You're welcome 07067641438...😊