#QOTW: I Am Naturally Dark But Wants To Be Chocolate Or A Bit Fair, Help me - Mariesio, Nigeria

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Hello. Thanks for contacting me. Getting a chocolate skin is a bit easy. Its all about getting just one shade lighter especially when you are very dark. So i will have to recommend a few products that can help you get your desired results.

Get IDOLE PAPAYA SOAP. Use it up with Caring Estee Maxitone Lotion. But please make sure you use the lotion all over your body for just once a day in a very little quantity to avoid getting too light.

Or if all that is just too much for you to do then you have to use Nivea natural fairness lotion instead. Bath with the soap twice daily, in the evening just bath with it, always allow your body to absorb your after bath water...its important.

Drink alotta water too and prevent acute sun light. Contact me if you are having any other question(s). Whatsapp / Text / Call: +2347067641438.

Have a nice day.