#MMM: Never Settle For Less, The World Is Yours

5:14:00 AM Chris konor 0 Comments

Hello my people...
Its another beautiful week again and i cant stop being thankful to the creator, our most high God. He has been good all these years, Lord i appreciate.

Im sorry i just didnt drop any further post at the late days of last week, i was in benin city having fun with my female friends, lol....Yeah! I had to forget work for about 3 days.

Today Is Monday, and according to the posts schedule its a Motivational Message Day.

And the message goes like this "Never settle for less, the world is yours". Yep, a very true fact which im gonna prove to you right now. In the beginning when God created adam and eve he never introduced any currency to buy fruits or whatever, perhaps if he did adam and eve wouldnt have ate the forbidden fruit because it will sure be expensive. Everything was free, all from God...Untill man with his greedy intentions deviced the currency and capitalism with the so aim of enslaving others into worshipping him. "Currency & CapitalismL" is the idea of the intellectual man. Everything you see is a free gift from God, they are all yours....We are all from adam and eve, our father and mother who the world was given to by God.


But since if you take whats yours in this modern age you might risk going to jail because man is so blind to judge your intentions, you have to work hard then.

Grind, hustle, pray, believe and keep working. Never give up! Do something different. Do not let anybody fool you by saying you are being materialistic or earthly....as long as you know this secret you should never mind them.

Never forget to give back to the needy as you get, thats you sowing a seed that will bear ernest fruit for you to harvest.

The world is yours, Own It!!