#SPM: Awake! You Men Of The Gross Material World

10:24:00 PM Chris konor 0 Comments

The material world is the world of the flesh, the realm of earthly desire and pleasure that just wont last.

We all think making alotta money would make us happy but at last we make the money and realise its just not all we want. Theres something missing, you still feel incomplete, you still feel no difference.

What we all seek is really more than material things. What our soul needs is fullfillment and freedom. The spirit needs to be awakened, we need to be free...its the key to the divine properious life we all need.

Love, peace & unity, the code to which the spirit is established. This world we see right now wont last, it will fade away. So wake up! Open your eyes to see much more further than your flesh desires.

Seek for wisdom instead of wealth, get knowledge for it is power. Love one another, imitate christ. Spread love, be comtempted, have a pure heart and wish everyone around you good. For it is written good things only comes to those who wish others good.

This is the peace message for this new week and i pray you awake from your slumber and let your weights go (materialistic desire) and watch how you exceed grace.

Firstly, seek the kingdom of God, seek spiritual awakening and every other gross material stuff will be given unto you in abundance.