#SPM: Loving God Is Loving Nature & Everything You See

7:59:00 AM Chris konor 0 Comments

This sunday peace message is from my mind. I wanna tell you the meaning of loving God. The creator of the universe. He is a God of creativity, he created us with his creative abilities too.

We are more superior than everything we see, even the angels, both arch angels and the fallen ones.

He is the almighty while we are the ones just after him. Every one on this planet is a sinner. We sin one way or the order. The only way to draw much closer to the divine Master is through love, loving everything natural around us. Appreciate them, respect them...yes, even the life of a little lizard. Everything natural you see on earth today are all representing God.

We have dominion over every other animals, not to destroy them but to make sure they are safe and sound.
I dont wanna sound crazy but yes we need meat..lol i eat meat too.

The trees, the skyes, the birds of the air, the reptiles, apes, wild beasts, insects, cool breeze. Love them all. Love other humans too, respect life and say no to violence.

Be grateful even if you feel cheated.

I wish you all a happy new week tho...God bless you.