#MMM: As Long As There Is Life, There Is Hope

7:42:00 AM Chris konor 0 Comments

Hello my friends....Welcome to a new week...a new race and a new chance from God. Today is Monday and i have a Motivational Message for you all out there.

This is basically for those going through hard times and possible anxiety and depression maybe because of financial difficulty, heartbreak or emotional stress in general.

I know exactly how you feel and i just wanna let you know that All Hope Is Not Lost And Will Never Be.
Here is God testing you. Take it as you are going to higher heights right now, its just a huddle you need to scale through and boom! You are up.

Do you know about natural laws? Well, one of them is Gravity and it applies to every thing on this planet not just matter and objects, but to life in general. What goes up must go down and will eventually go up again but most at times requires a force to go up again...that force is consistency. Just never give up because you are down for now.

Another thing is patience, teach yourself to be patience and i believe you will break through the challenging times very soon enough. Just believe and always try to be happy. Watch comedies on instagram, visit friends, read my blog (Lol...oh yeah) and always pray to JAH the creator, your prosperity is the main aim of his universal design.

Lastly, share this post to your social media with the icons below....someone needs to read this...its important.

Do have a great week ahead...

God Bless You.