#QOTW: Hey Chris, I have Used Dozens Of Lightening Products But They Aint Working On Me - Favour Lutma, Kenya.

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Hey Chris advice me on a good skin lightening product for my body I have used dozens from white spa, white express, fair n white, makari,nature secrete bt am not lightening at all they aren't working.


Hello Favour...Good to meet you. Thanks for reading my blog.
They are so many factors that can hinder skin lightening products to work on you, these includes:

1. Too Much Melanin:

If your skin has alot of melanin, skin lightening products are gonna find it hard to start showing you results so you have to be patient. One shade lighter can take 2 - 3 months. Using a skin lightening soap together with a lotion can make the process faster, just dont use serums or concerntrated formulars, all you need is patience.

2. Dead Skin Cells:

Presence of dead skin cells on your skin can make skin lightening effects to be void. Make sure you exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells. A friend in Russia recommended Orange Peeling Oil to me last night, its for exfoliating. Its gonna get you very light after peeling your dead skin cells away.

3. UV/VB Rays From The Sun:

Kenya is very hot, Ultraviolet rays from the sun can slow down the jobs of skin lightening products on your skin as these rays gets you darker every minute. Avoid going into the sun with your skin exposed. Wear protective clothing or Wear sunscreen or sunblock if possible.

NOTE: Please exfoliate your skin thoroughly. My spirit tells me its the main reason why skin lightening products aint working for you. However, please make sure you follow the instructions i listed.

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