#QOTW: I Saw Your Review On Diva Maxitone Lotion, How Did It Work Eventually? - Без Любопытство, Russia.

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Hello, thanks for contacting me. I presume you are talking about Diva maxitone lightening lotion which i used and reviewed here on my blog 1 year back.

I will never say what i dont know or try to side any brand just to decieve anyone, not just you but the world in general. That lotion worked like a peice of Shit for me. Well i dont know if its just for me but it worked really bad for me here, it also smelled so bad like it was made from acid or something.

Using Diva Maxitone lightening lotion was a bad experience...i had to start treating stretch marks, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. It worked very well for me at the very first week but later i got the regret of my life and stopped using it the 3rd week upon completion.

However, this is on my own skin and i dont know how it will manifest on your own end. And this is almost 1 year and 4 months now since i used it..who knows? Maybe the producers might have improved on it or something.

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