#QOTW: What Cream Should I Use For Sunburn? - Adebayo Toluwalope, Nigeria.

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Good day Chris. Kudos for works well done. Please what cream do I use for the permanent removal of my sun burn?  I have tried so many cream, but whenever I stop, the sun burn comes back. Thanks in anticipation.


Hello adebayo. Thanks for contacting me. Sorry i couldnt reply this so early. I have not been checking my email often.
Sun burn as the name implies is a situation caused by UV/VB rays from the sun which result in burns. Seems you are using a product that contains Alpha Hydroxyl acid, this ingredient on skin lightening products often facilitate sunburn or maybe you engage in activities exposing you to the sun always.

Theres a way to permanently stop the resurfacing of this sunburn.
Either you check your skin care product and stop the one that has alpha hydroxyl acid or you will need to always wear face protecting clothing like caps and hats when going out.

Or if this isnt caused by your products then you need to get a very strong sunscreen with minimum SPF of 40 - 50. Get that of neutrogena, spray on face and other exposed areas of your skin before going out in the sun.

Hope this was helpful? If not you can further ask questions with the comment box below.