#SPM: Modern Christianity In Africa - The Biggest Lie In Human History

5:07:00 PM Chris konor 2 Comments

This week's Sunday peace message might seem controvasial but i think its better if we say the truth. Modern Christianity is not what we think it is, it has been compromised hundreds of years ago by monachs and so called religious rulers.

Yes Jesus Christ Came, but he never ever claimed he was God. He said i and the father are one. He never said we should worship him or that he is the creator and the almighty himself. God almighty sent Jesus to us just to teach us exactly how we humans ought to live, that was how christianity came about, Imitating christ not worshipping him.

Monachs, Bishops and The Pope formed several Council after the last apostles of christ died, they formed councils and organisations and made christianity a tool of oppression and colonization. They first of all gathered all the sacred books and named it The Bible. And guess what? They removed the sacred ones and left the ones which are all stories, stories that doesnt correspond, stories that will lead to confusion of the normal earthman thereby enslaving humans mentally.

The bible we use today is not complete. Over 30 sacred books was removed by the Council of NICEA and the council of GIMEA. These books are so powerful that every christian would have had so much faith and powers and will never be scared or even be decieved by the modern age scientific believes. The puplic edition of the bible is not complete

Our modern bible which is the pillar of modern christianity is a book that defends the lies our pastors and church leaders tell. The council of Nicea and gimea settled down and edited it to their greedy taste and dont be surprised they even added their own written works and named it after a disiple.

Now africa has been mentally enslaved with this human greedy religion. Ancient christianity was straight forward. Everyone lived equally, tithes were used to empower the poor, feed the hungry, cloth the naked and give better life to those who cant afford one. But what is the modern interpretation of this christianity?  The funniest part is when you try to ask questions, they will start quoting a verse from this compromised book called The Bible. God is far more powerful than that book. You will agree to me that we dont even take our bible so spiritual, if those eradicated books were inside we will even be scared to read it without a pure heart, The book of enoch, a book removed from the bible can make a person without a pure heart run mad instantly. Now you see?  Well i will have to stop here, those who have been mentally enslaved will never agree to this piece of writing.

Oh i forgot to add that The New Testament says alot of lies. It was translated into English by a greek GAY called Desidus Erasmus.

Make your research. I am a seeker of truth. Dont go wrong because your parents or ancestors made the mistake because of ignorance. Knowledge is power...seek truth and be saved. I am not just a christian right now, although my name is christian...i believe in all religion as long as they preaches Peace. That the most important thing, the rest are all lies.

I remain your loyal blogger, Chris Konor.

God bless you.


  1. bro u have said mind, all those pastors now r just con artist in suit#proudly ex christian

    1. Lol. Yes sure. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate.