#SPM: Say No To Slavery, Psychological Slavery In Particular.

11:24:00 AM Chris konor 0 Comments

Hello, i am so sorry ive not been posting for some days now. I am somewhat discouraged about everything...Adsense banned my domain totally and i dont see my self changing to a country code top level domain at all. I also went through a shock recently, i wanted to sell my adsensw worth N50k and i was scammed in the process, this has been the more reason why ive not been here...but im getting over it all now.

Today is Sunday peace message  day, according to this blog's post schedule. Its gonna be a short one, i just wanna whole hearted condemn the ongoing slave trade and genocidal killings of the black population currently in libya.

At the same time, i wanna to shun all forms of slavery in general, both mental slavery, physical slavery, emotional and spiritual slavery.

We all have rights of freedom, as a matter of fact our own creator is a free God. If he wasnt free we wouldnt have different religious and spiritual believes and still breath fine without fear or stress. Our Creator is a God of liberty, as such..we need to imitate him.

Do not mind the environmental believes that you grew up with...start a research today so you can know the real truth. Ad a matter of fact, There is no religion higher than TRUTH!!!

Happy sunday everyone.

And oh, Happy new month too. Seasons greetings from your favourite skin care blogger.

I love you!!